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Contact Us

Owing to scammers pretending to be members of the ministry team and sending bogus emails, we have removed email addresses from this page. If you need to contact anyone shown below with the exception of Hall Bookings, please click here to use the Contact Form.

Priest in Charge
The Rev. Anthony C.  Bushell, MA

Pioneer Minister
The Rev. Wendy J.  Pagden, MA

Assistant Curate
The Rev. Chris Willis

Pioneer Curate 

The Rev. Anna Davies 


Mrs Pam Higham

Pamela Higham

Mr David J.  Tibbetts-Chaplin FSCO, LGMS
also Organist and Choirmaster

 David Tibbetts-Chaplin

Licensed Lay Ministers
Mrs D. Penny Bonham
also leads the Ladies’ Fellowship

Mrs Morag Bushell

Mr Clement Arde-Acquah

Penny Bonham Morag Bushell Clement Arde-Acquah 

Lay Funeral Minister, Spiritual Companion, Pastoral Assistant , Churchwarden and Safeguarding Officer
Mrs Pam Higham

Pamela Higham

Pioneer and Parish Administrator
Miss Bimbola Adediran
Working days Mon, Wed and Fri 


Church Treasurer
Mr David L. Kent
also Stewardship co-ordinator and Newsletter distributor

David Kent


Lunch Club Organiser
Mrs Kay Ireland
07941 269383

Hall Booking Secretaries
Mr and Mrs Pam and Ivor Ellis