Services & Worship

Worship at St Albright's is in the 'liberal catholic' tradition of the Church of England, so our worship usually centres on the Eucharist.  The main parish Eucharist at 10.30am on a Sunday generally follows Common Worship Order One and typically lasts about an hour and includes hymns and sermon.  The earlier 9.0am Holy Communion (1662 Book of Common Prayer) is shorter, with no hymns though there is a (usually brief) sermon.

On major festivals and Holy Days there will often be additional services.

Sunday Services

9.0am - Holy Communion (1662)
10.30am - The Parish Eucharist

NOTE - on the fifth Sunday of the month, there is a single service (at 10.30am) and this is Prayer Book (BCP) Choral Communion


Holy Communion 9:30am

Evensong and other occasional services

Please check the Pew Sheet for details.

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