Thought for the Day - September 11th

Published by Michael Topple on Fri, 11 Sep 2020 09:38
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Thought of the Day- 11th. September, 2020

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John13:34-35

Most of us will remember 11th of September, 2001, because it was the day the Twin Towers – a symbol of economic power in New York and the Pentagon- a symbol of military might in Washington D.C were attacked by terrorists. These attacks led to the deaths of about 3000 people and double that number injured or incapacitated. This event is seen as one of the worst atrocities the world has known after World War 2, because the victims from the attack were from nearly all the 200 countries of the world. For some, this event was a sign of the “end times”- to be characterised by conflicts, disease, calamities and disasters such as this terrorist attack. For historians, what makes this attack so significant is that, one of the buildings attacked the “Pentagon” a building of USA’s military might, had its very foundation for its construction started on September 11 (1941). The attack on the Pentagon therefore tells us that, it is not just enough to place our overall human security and peace in human hands and that our ultimate security must lie in the hands of God- the great Architect of our universe. We can achieve this security by following the commandment Jesus Christ to gave his disciples that is to: “love one another”.

Our world today as well, faces another sign of the “end times” in the attack of the Corona Virus Pandemic. COVID 19 has led to nearly a million deaths, brought much anguish in terms of illnesses, worries, loss of jobs and human insecurity. The question on everybody’s mind is: how do we deal with this crisis that our human capacities plaguing our world? Science may provide a vaccine one day to combat this disease but does that resolve our human problems? Definitely No. Following the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ that we should love one another is the only way that offers a solution to all our human problems and it is about time we listen to and kept this commandment. The love Christ speaks of perfects all our human laws in this world.  The “Love” Jesus speaks of is the Greek word “Agape” – a generous and self-sacrificing love, tenacious and always active. Agape is the love we should strive for if we want peace, a peace that would prevent incidents like September 9-11 ever occurring again.  Agape love is a love that stops at nothing, is not afraid of any personal cost and is always ready to make an effort to help others and always gives the loved one the benefit of the doubt and even when the benefit of the doubt is no longer possible. As we remember incidents like 9/11, the Corona virus pandemic and other atrocities and the deaths they have brought to our world, let us remember that, love is stronger than death as was symbolised by our Lord Jesus Christ whose Perfect Love for us carried him to the cross but with that love overcame death when he rose from again on Easter morning. Amen.


Teach us good Lord, to live in harmony and at peace with our neighbours; to avoid all things which cause offence; to love those we find difficult to love; to forgive those who hurt us by word or deed; to put friendship in place of enmity; to follow the example of Jesus Christ, in whose name we offer this prayer: Amen

When Peace Like A River (hymn with words and music) - Horatio G. Spafford               

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